Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A (Very Late) Mother's Day Post

Ah, my first post. Hooray for my blog! I've wanted one ever since I started pinning and finding great people, great recipes, and great blogs. I'm so excited for where this might lead me!

Now, Mother's Day. My mom works an overwhelming amount. More than I've seen anyone work. So I always like to make her stay in bed and deliver her breakfast to her. After all, she deserves it!

This year I was much more sophisticated than other years. Other years my sister and I would whip together what we thought was breakfast. My dad would hover over us making sure A) the food we were making was edible and B) the house wasn't burning down. My mom would smile and eat every last crumb. What a saint she is.

Well, here is the finished product of this year. (And she ate every last crumb, as usual!)

I used three different recipes from three different great people/places.

The main event was a Breakfast Casserole. I used Sargento's Grandma Mack's Breakfast Delight (recipe) as a base for mine. I added red peppers, but you can add almost anything to it! Next time I'll be adding some mushrooms. It's a very customizable recipe. Some of my extended family was at my house for mother's day, more specifically my aunts. They're cooking experts, and with their seal of approval I knew it was a recipe to keep! Every last morsel was gone by lunch.

The next recipe that found it's way onto my mom's plate was Bakerella's Chocolate Chunk Muffins (recipe). Let me tell you, these are a piece of cake (muffin?) to make! And delicious, too. Actually, I probably shouldn't say myself that they were delicious. By the time I made my way downstairs to have one, they were all gone! Next time I'll double the recipe, or make sure my aunts are far away from my baking ha ha. But my mom did really enjoy it!

On a side note, oh how I wish I was Bakerella. Or anything close to her. If anyone would like to buy me a Bakerella t-shirt that I can't afford, I would be one happy camper. Now, if that's not a broke college student problem I don't know what is! But did you see her Bakerfella t-shirts? How funny!

Next, I was looking for some sort of berry recipe. I found it at Esculent Dreams! Her (recipe) for Avocado Berry Bread! I included the honey and added some powdered sugar. This recipe is also very customizable; you can add any berries or fruit you like! So simple and yet healthy, and the extra avocado spread definitely won't go to waste in my household!

Complete with Raspberry Lemonade and a card (that sings, of course). Behind the card is also some Lindt 70% cocoa dark chocolate (her favorite). Oh, and a balloon!

I wish I could surprise her with breakfast in bed more often, but everyone knows I can't get up that early!

Happy Mother's Day to my amazing mom, as well as anyone who has shown me motherly love, and to all the other mothers in the world! :)

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